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Our Philosophy

At E’s Web Design, we partner with our clients in creating a professional online presence that plays the lead role in your brand strategy. In today’s market, your website is likely to be your potential customer’s first contact with your organization. Your website must convey a consistent message to instill confidence and it must make a first impression that matters, inspiring trust in you and your organization.

But, if that was all we did, it would be like creating a beautiful brochure and then tacking it to a tree in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest… no one would ever know it was there! Your website needs to be effective too. To attract potential clients, you need traffic!

So what does it take to create an effective, traffic generating website?

  • People must find you. At E’s Web Design, we will always create a solid on-site SEO foundation (SEO = Search Engine Optimization), adopting Google Standards, to generate traffic to your site, so that you will be found when someone is searching for your products or services.

We keep up with all of Google’s Algorithmic Updates (Humming Bird, Caffeine, Panda, Penguin) to ensure your rankings are continuously moving forward. This is crucial. Falling out of step with the algorithmic updates can be devastating to your search rankings.

Then you need to convert that traffic…

Together we will build a web presence that emphasizes your brand,
drives traffic and converts that traffic.

we will put the TLC into your website

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