Call to Action Button - What should you say?

Just like the other parts of your website or email blast, the call to action button should speak directly to your prospects and leave them no choice but to click. So, how can you set your call to action button on fire? Here are some smoking hot alternatives to the boring “Click Here.”
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Achieve Local Online Traffic for your Small Business

3 Simple Ways for Every Business to Achieve Local Online Traffic The internet can be a big, scary world and mastering search engine discoverability has literally become a science. It is a daunting task for a small business to understand and…
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What You Don't Know About Google Algorithms WILL Hurt You!

You may have heard about the latest change to Google’s ranking system involving mobile friendly websites. And maybe you are wondering what that means for your website and traffic. First things first… What Are Google Algorithms? When you…
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Convert Leads into Sales

Inspire Action: 3 Ways to Convert Email Leads into Sales You have begun to receive those magical little email addresses in your email manager. Congrats! Ideally, you would like for the people behind the emails to become customers. Because of…
Your Website should be a Lead Capture Machine!

Is Your Website A Lead Capturing Machine? It Should Be!

Lead Capture Your website is so much more than your virtual storefront or professional portfolio. Powerful small business websites are also used as lead generating tools that can account for a large percentage of new business. Every business…
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3 Game Changing "On-Site" SEO Ingredients

The Importance of On-Site SEO Ingredients: Whether you already have a website or are considering developing one, understanding on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the importance of doing this work (making sure your website designer…
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Search Engine Optimization... What is SEO?

If you have been thinking about your business website and how to have an effective web presence, you have likely encountered the term SEO. But, what does that mean and more importantly, what does it mean for your business? SEO (Search Engine…